The intent of the Acute Dialysis Quality Initiative (ADQI) is to provide an objective, dispassionate distillation of the literature and description of the current state of practice of diagnosis and management of acute kidney injury as well as other conditions in which dialysis and related therapies are applied to acutely ill patients. The purposes of ADQI are first to develop a consensus of opinion, with evidence where possible, on best practice and second to articulate a research agenda to focus on important unanswered questions. The methodology we have selected for this process combines both "expert panel" and "evidence appraisal" and was chosen to achieve the best of both methods. We recognize that the expert panel in absence of the literature can lead to statements at odds with high quality research and that evidence appraisal without expert input to question the framework can lead to erroneous interpretation. Furthermore, this combined approach has led to important practice guidelines with wide acceptance and adoption into clinical practice. We further recognize that additional research will be needed and that the development of a rsearch agenda will also be fostered by this approach.

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